"Canada’s RCMP, Global Affairs Hit by Cyberattacks"

Canadian authorities recently were scrambling to respond to cyberattacks targeting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Global Affairs Canada.  The attack on RCMP's network was disclosed on Friday, but as of Monday, the RCMP was still "actively managing a cyber event."  The RCMP did not share details on the nature and extent of the attack, saying that it was working with partner Canadian government agencies "to continue assessing the breadth and scope of the security breach and hold those responsible accountable." The RCMP noted that the attack did not impact its operations nor the safety and security of Canadians and RCMP partners.  On Monday, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC), which confirmed it was aware of the RCMP incident last week, announced that it was investigating a data breach resulting from a cyberattack on Global Affairs Canada's internal network.  The OPC noted that users' personal information, including employees, was compromised after unauthorized individuals accessed the department's virtual private network (VPN).  It is unclear whether the RCMP and Global Affairs Canada incidents are related, but more information is expected to become available as the investigations advance.


SecurityWeek reports: "Canada’s RCMP, Global Affairs Hit by Cyberattacks"

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