"Chrome 122, Firefox 123 Patch High-Severity Vulnerabilities"

Google and Mozilla recently released Chrome and Firefox software updates to resolve multiple vulnerabilities in both browsers, including high-severity memory safety bugs. On Tuesday, Chrome 122 was released in the stable channel with patches for 12 security defects, including eight that were reported by external researchers. Two of these are high-severity flaws, the most severe of them, based on the paid bug bounty reward, being an out-of-bounds memory access bug in Blink. Google noted that Chrome 122 also resolves five medium-severity vulnerabilities, including inappropriate implementations in Site Isolation, Content Security Policy, and Navigation, a use-after-free in Accessibility, and an insufficient policy enforcement in Download. The latest Chrome iteration is now rolling out as version 122.0.6261.57 for Linux and macOS, and as versions 122.0.6261.57/.58 for Windows. Google also announced that the Extended Stable channel was updated to version 122.0.6261.57 for both Windows and macOS. On Tuesday, Mozilla also announced the release of Firefox 123 with patches for 12 vulnerabilities, including four high-severity, six medium-severity, and two low-severity flaws. Mozilla noted that the high-severity security holes include an out-of-bounds memory read in networking channels, memory safety issues, and a bug leading to a spoofed alert dialog being displayed on a different site. The medium-severity bugs could have led to poisoned local browser cache, obscured permission dialogs and full screen notifications, unintended permission grants, incorrectly honored Set-Cookie response headers, and SameSite cookies not being properly respected. Additionally, on Tuesday, Mozilla announced the release of Firefox ESR 115.8 and Thunderbird 115.8 with patches for eight of the vulnerabilities resolved in Firefox, including three of the high-severity flaws. Google and Mozilla did not mention if any of these vulnerabilities are being exploited in attacks.


SecurityWeek reports: "Chrome 122, Firefox 123 Patch High-Severity Vulnerabilities"

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