"Data Breaches in US Schools Exposed 37.6M Records"

Since 2005, US educational institutions have had 3,713 data breaches, affecting about 37.6 million records. According to Comparitech, 2023 saw a record 954 breaches, up from 139 in 2022 and 783 in 2021. Over 800 institutions were affected by MOVEit file transfer software vulnerabilities, causing this surge. The number of compromised records in 2023 rose to nearly 4.3 million from 2.6 million in 2021 and 2022. Third-party breaches compromised 1.7 million records, and 65 ransomware attacks compromised 1.9 million. This article continues to discuss the exposure of a large amount of records due to data breaches faced by US educational institutions.

Infosecurity Magazine reports "Data Breaches in US Schools Exposed 37.6M Records"

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