"Insurance Company Globe Life Investigating Data Breach"

Texas-based insurance company Globe Life recently announced that it is investigating a data breach impacting the information of consumers and policyholders.  Globe Life said it launched an investigation into “potential vulnerabilities related to access permissions and user identity management for a company web portal” after an inquiry from a state insurance regulator.  The company noted that the probe showed that the vulnerabilities likely allowed unauthorized access to consumer and policyholder information.  It’s unclear what type of data may have been compromised.   Immediately upon notification of these circumstances, the company removed external access to the portal.  Currently, Global Life believes the issue is specific to this portal, and all other systems remain operational.  Globe Life noted that operations will not be significantly impacted by the removal of external web access to the portal in question.  The insurance giant said it hired outside experts to assist with the investigation.


SecurityWeek reports: "Insurance Company Globe Life Investigating Data Breach"

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