Defeating Ransomware, How a Small, Midwestern University Defeated Ransomware Adversaries



With no dedicated cybersecurity personnel, a small IT staff and limited resources, a small university fought back against adversaries who attempted a wide scale ransomware attack.  This is a play-by-play recounting of the events as they occurred, the security controls that were in place before the attack and the actions taken to stop the attack and expel the attackers from the university network.



Aaron Weissenfluh is the cofounder of Tenfold Security, a Cloud Security company.  He is the former CISO of Cboe Global Markets, one of the largest global exchanges.  Cboe (formerly Bats Global Markets) was one of the few exchanges that did not experience a breach over the 12 years (2008-2020). Aaron led the security practice, which he built from the ground up.    

An experienced speaker who has presented at MIT (USA) and the Said Business School at Oxford, he regularly presents at conferences and consults with international businesses and intelligence organizations.  




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