Hot SoS 2016 CfP

Please see below important updates


Science of Security (SoS) emphasizes the advancement of research methods as well as the development of new research results. This dual focus is intended to improve both the confidence we gain from scientific results and also the capacity and efficiency through which we address increasingly challenging technical problems. HotSoS particularly welcomes work related to one or more of the five Hard Problems identified by the Science of Security community:

  • Scalability and compasability in the construction of secure systems
  • Policy-governed collaboration in handling data across different domains of authority for security and privacy protection
  • Predictive security metrics to guide choice-making in security engineering and response
  • Resilient architectures that can deliver service despite compromised components
  • Human behavior, modeling users, operators, and adversaries to support improved design and analysis

A second major focus is on the advancement of scientific methods, including data gathering and analysis, experimental methods, and mathematical models for modeling and reasoning. Of particular interest is the exploration of interactions among these methods to enhance validity.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together senior and junior researchers from diverse disciplines to promote advancement of work related to the science of security. The conference includes a mix of invited talks, panels, tutorials, and refereed papers.

We solicit papers that relate to the science of security and privacy, especially on topics related to one or more of the Hard Problem areas. We also seek papers that provide novel perspective on scientific methods for security and privacy research.


Submissions:   January 22, 2016 Extended to January 27, 2016

Decisions:   NLT February 16, 2016

Final Versions: March 9, 2016 March 15, 2016

Conference:  April 19-21, 2016

Submissions must be made by the deadline of Friday, January 22, 2016 Wednesday, January 27, 2016 (anywhere on Earth) through Easy Chair:

Decisions will be made as quickly as possible thereafter, but not later than February 16, 2016. Final camera-ready papers will be due March 9, 2016 March 15, 2016. Please sent any questions about topics or submission requirements to

Note for authors: The official publication date is the date the proceedings are made available in the ACM Digital Library. This date (which affects patent filing deadlines) may be up to two weeks prior to the first day of the conference.

Update 1/15/2016

Here are some late-breaking points of clarification about the call:

  • Submission format. Submissions should be at most 10 pages in double-column ACM format ( including the bibliography or, alternatively, 9 pages not including the bibliography. The paper may have optional appendices, but reviewers are not required to read them. Submissions may optionally be submitted in anonymized form (avoiding de-anonymizing through references), and we will attempt to support this in the review process. All submissions must be in PDF format.
  • Simultaneity. Submissions should not be submitted to any other conference or workshop while under review. HOTSoS will take all measures to preserve confidentiality, but reserves the right to consult confidentially with other chairs and responsible parties if a double submission is suspected. We will not, however, reject a paper solely on the basis of the existence of an unrefereed technical report or short workshop paper. 
  • Posters and tutorials. We are also accepting proposals for posters and tutorials. Please put the word "poster" or "tutorial" in the title or abstract so that we will understand that your submission is intended to be a poster. Poster and tutorial submissions should not be longer than 5 pages. Tutorial submissions should include a detailed syllabus of material to be presented.
  • Authors with questions are encouraged to write to the PC chairs before submission with any questions. Because these changes are late-breaking, some exceptions may be granted on explicit request by email to

Access the 2016 Call for Papers in a downloadable format here.

Update 2/19/16

The HotSoS 2016 poster template is now available. Click here to access the template in Powerpoint format.