Science of Security Annual Report 2015


Science of Security (SoS) Initiative Annual Report 2015

The National Security Agency (NSA) Research Directorate sponsors the Science of Security (SoS) initiative for the promotion of a foundational cybersecurity science that is needed to mature the cybersecurity discipline and to underpin advances in cyber defense. Unlike the efforts undertaken by other parts of the government and industry, the SoS initiative focuses on foundational research that can fundamentally change the approach to cybersecurity, developing strategic rather than tactical approaches. The SoS initiative, established in 2012, has three goals: (1) engage the academic community for foundational research; (2) promote rigorous scientific principles; and (3) grow the SoS community. Over the past year, significant progress against each of the goals by expanding research based on the application of scientific principles and engaging academia, government, and industry in promoting the growth of Science of Security community.

For more information about all of the activities associated with the Science of Security (SoS) initiative over the past year, browse through the SoS Annual Report 2015.

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