Science of Security and Privacy Annual Report (2016)


Science of Security and Privacy Annual Report (2016)

In 2016, the Science of Security (SoS) initiative increased in size and scope as members of academia, industry, and government continued to research and collaborate SoS Annual Report 2016 Front Coverunder the sponsorship of the National Security Agency (NSA) Research Directorate. The SoS initiative focused on producing scientifically supported cybersecurity advancement in the establishment of cybersecurity as a science. 

By replacing ad hoc and common practice approaches to security with scientifically supported best practice methods established through rigorous research, SoS is developing strategic rather than tactical methods of approaching cybersecurity. These strategic results are needed to transform cybersecurity from a cost-disadvantaged, reactionary field to one that is efficient and proactive in both attack and defense. 

Established in 2012, the Science of Security fosters the establishment of security science through the pursuit of its three stated goals: to engage the academic community for foundational research, to promote rigorous scientific principles, and to grow the SoS community. Over the past year, the Science of Security initiative has seen continued success in its pursuit of these goals. 

The attached Science of Security and Privacy Annual Report 2016 highlights the progress and accomplishments of this initiative.



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