HotSoS 2018 Program


MONDAY, APRIL 9 Location  

1830 - 2030

Evening Reception at The StateView Hotel

Fusion Patio

0730 - 1700

Fusion C/D Foyer  
SESSION 1 Fusion C/D  
0830 - 0900 Welcome and Introduction
Symposium Co-Chairs: Laurie Williams and Munindar Singh

Opening Remarks
George Coker, National Security Agency
0900 - 1000 Keynote: Steve Lipner, Executive Director, SAFECode
Foundational Cybersecurity Research: Report of a Study by NASEM
1000 - 1045 BREAK and POSTER SESSION
Fusion A/B   
SESSION 2      
  Paper Track: Vulnerabilities and Detection (Fusion C/D)
Tutorial/Industry Track (Synergy B)
1045 - 1110 Pooria Madani and Natalija Vlajic
University of York
Robustness of Deep Autoencoder in Intrusion Detection under Adversarial Contamination
Dimitris Simos and *Rick Kuhn
SBA Research, *NIST
Tutorial: Combinatorial Security Testing Course
1110 - 1135 Inger Anne Tøndel, *Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan, *Martin Gilje Jaatun and *Daniela S. Cruzes
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, *SINTEF Digital
Understanding the Challenges to Adoption of the Microsoft Elevation
of Privilege Game
1135 - 1200 Ira Ray Jenkins, Sergey Bratus, Sean Smith and *Maxwell Koo
Dartmouth College, *Narf Industries
Reinventing the Privilege Drop: How Principled Preservation
of Programmer Intent Would Prevent Security Bugs
1200 - 1315 LUNCH

Lunch Presentation: 
Erkang Zheng, Phil Gates-Idem and Matt Lavin
LifeOmic, Inc.
Building a Virtually Air-gapped Secure Environment in AWS
Fusion C/D  
SESSION 3 Fusion C/D  
1315 - 1415 Keynote: Ari Schwartz, Venable LLP
​You’ve Got a Vuln, I’ve Got a Vuln, Everybody’s Got a Vuln
1415 - 1515 Panel: Cybersecurity Framework Practitioners
Moderator: Nikola Vouk, Independent

Jeremy Maxwell, Allscripts
Andrew Porter, Merck
Alex Rogozhin, BB&T
Greg Witte, G2
1515 - 1600 BREAK and POSTER SESSION
Fusion A/B  
  Paper Track: Secure Construction (Fusion C/D)
Tutorial/Industry Track (Synergy B)  
1600 - 1625 Yao Dong, Ana Milanova and *Julian Dolby
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, *IBM
SecureMR: Secure MapReduce Computation Using
Homomorphic Encryption and Program Partitioning
Larry Maccherone
DevSecOps: Security at the Speed of Software Development
1625 - 1650 Bradley Potteiger, Zhenkai Zhang and Xenofon Koutsoukos
Vanderbilt University
Integrated Instruction Set Randomization and Control Reconfiguration
for Securing Cyber-Physical Systems
Leslie Leonard, William Glodeck
Department of Defense
HACSAW: A Trusted Framework for Cyber Situational Awareness
1650 - 1715 Iness Ben Guirat and *Harry Halpin
Formal Verification of the W3C Web Authentication Protocol

David González, *Nikola Vouk
nearForm, *Independent

Compliance as Code: Policy Governed Automated Security Checkpoints

1715 - 1800 BREAK
1800 Shuttle bus to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Meet in the hotel lobby. (Don't be late!)
1830 - 2100 Dinner at the North Carolina Museum of Art

0830 - 1530

Fusion C/D Foyer  
SESSION 6 Fusion C/D  
0900 - 1000 Keynote: David Burke, NAVAIR Cyber Warfare Detachment
Cyber Security for Aviation Weapon Systems
1000 - 1045 BREAK and POSTER SESSION
  Paper Track: Applications and Risk Evaluation (Fusion C/D) Tutorial/Industry Track (Synergy B)  
1045 - 1110

Martha McNeil, Thomas Llanso and Dallas Pearson
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Application of Capability-Based Cyber Risk Assessment
Methodology to a Space System
Greg Witte
Tutorial: CyberSecurity Framework
1110 - 1135 Daniela S. Cruzes, Martin Gilje Jaatun and Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan
SINTEF Digital
Challenges and Approaches of Performing Canonical Action Research
in Software Security
1135 - 1200 Huashan Chen, *Jin-Hee Cho and Shouhuai Xu
University of Texas at San Antonio, *Army Research Lab
Quantifying the Security Effectiveness of Firewalls and DMZs

1200 - 1315 .LUNCH
Fusion C/D  
SESSION 8 Fusion C/D  
1315 - 1345 Michelle Mazurek, University of Maryland
NSA Fifth Annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition Winner
You Get Where You're Looking For: The Impact of Information Sources on Code Security
1345 - 1415 Daniel Gruss, Graz University of Technology
Microarchitectural Attacks: From the Basics to Arbitrary Read and Write Primitives without any Software Bugs
1415 - 1430 BREAK
1430 - 1530 Keynote: Ravi Sandhu, University of Texas at San Antonio
An Access Control Perspective on the Science of Security
1530 Announcement of Winning Paper and Winning Poster
Carl Landwehr and Adam Tagert

Closing Remarks
Laurie Williams and Munindar Singh