2012 Science of Security Community Meeting Agenda

The National Security Agency held the first Science of Security (SoS) Community Meeting on November 29-30, 2012 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

Over 150 leaders from government, industry, and the academic community met to discuss new and ongoing programs in security science being pursued by U.S. government research sponsors, and an exciting new Cybersecurity Research Institute recently established in the U.K. The presentations included work in a broad range of disciplines including mathematics, computer science, behavioral science, economics, physics, and biology. The meeting introduced a new Science of Security Virtual Organization website designed to promote research collaboration and community development. NSA's Director of Research concluded the meeting with the announcement of a Cybersecurity Science Paper Competition.


Thursday, November 29
0730 - 1700 Registration
1200 - 1300 Box Lunch Pickup
1300 - 1700 Science of Security Virtual Organization Help Desk
1300 - 1400 NSA Welcome and Opening Remarks
Part 1 — Opening Keynote
  How Does Science Advance?
Peter Galison (Harvard University)
1400 - 1430 Break
Part 2: Research Initiatives in Security Science (Session A)
1430 - 1500 New UK Multi-University, Multi-Disciplinary Virtual Research Institute on “Science of Cybersecurity”
Angela Sasse (University College London)
1500 - 1530 New AFOSR Basic Research Initiative on "Cyber Trust and Suspicion"
Eunice Santos (University of Texas, El Paso)
1530 - 1600 Tools for Recognizing Useful Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST)
Adam Russell (IARPA)
1600 - 1630 Break
Part 2: Research Initiatives in Security Science (Session B)
1630 - 1645 NSF: Frontier: Beyond Technical Security: Developing An Empirical Basis for Socio-Economic Perspectives
Jeremy Epstein
1645 - 1715 DARPA: Overview of Current DARPA Programs that Address Scientific Foundations for Cybersecurity
Howard Shrobe (DARPA)
1715 - 1730 ARL: Science of Cybersecurity from an ARL Perspective
Robert Erbacher (ARL)

1730 - 1800

AFOSR: Science of Security MURI Overview
Andre Scedrov (U Penn)
1800 - 2000 Poster Session for Science of Security Related Projects and Reception
(Cherry Blossom Ballroom Atrium)
Friday, November 30
0730 - 0830 Continental Breakfast
0730 - 1500 Registration
Part 3. Security Science Perspectives
0900 - 0945 Historical Perspective – Where Are We and How Did We Get Here?
Fred B. Schneider (Cornell University)
0945 - 1030 Panel Discussion - Industry Perspectives: What Industry Problems Motivate Research on Scientific Foundations?
Jay Lala (Raytheon), Phil Venables (Goldman-Sachs) and Bret Hartman (Cisco)
1030 - 1100 Break
Part 4: Organizing Security Science
1100 - 1145 Panel Discussion - Science of Security Lablets Propose A Hard Problems Structure That Can Be Used to Organize Their Current and Potentially Future Research
David Nicol (UIUC), William Sanders (UIUC), William Scherlis (CMU), Laurie Williams (NCSU)
1145 - 1230 Reaction to the Panel Discussion Proposal
Joshua Guttman (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Group Discussion - Questions for discussion include:
  • Does the structure capture the key problem areas for science of cybersecurity? If not, what areas are missing?
  • Are there redundancies in the structure? Can it be simplified
  • Do we understand the scientific advances needed to address the problems listed
  • Could this structure feasibly provide a yardstick for scientific progress in this field?
1230 - 1300 Box Lunch Pickup
Reassemble in Cherry Blossom Ballroom
1300 - 1330 (Working Lunch) Introduction of the Science of Security Virtual Organization Website and Invitation to Participate
Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt University)
Part 5 - Closing Address
1330 - 1430 Significance of Science in NSA Research, and Scientific Needs for Defense of Cyberspace
Dr. Michael Wertheimer (National Security Agency)
1430 - 1445 Break
1445 - 1530 SoS Community Meeting Summarization, Critique, and Reactions
George Cybenko (Dartmouth) and Dusko Pavlovic (Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London)
Moderator: Patrick Lincoln (SRI)
Audience Discussion
1530 Meeting Adjourned


Program Committee

Stuart Krohn, NSA
Carl Landwehr, GWU
Heather Lucas, NSA
Brad Martin, NSA
Ralph Wachter, NSF


Katie Dey, Vanderbilt University
Anne Dyson, Vanderbilt University
Frankie King, Vanderbilt University