HotSoS 2019 Program Agenda


MONDAY, APRIL 1 Location  
1600 - 1730 Tutorial: Game Theory for Cyber Deception
Quanyan Zhu
New York University
Wyatt Rotunda  

1800 - 1930

Evening Reception at The Wyatt Center Lobby

Wyatt Center Lobby

0800 - 1730

Registration | Contintental Breakfast (until 0830)

Wyatt Center Lobby
SESSION 1 Wyatt Rotunda  
0830 - 0845 Welcome and Introduction
Symposium Chairs: Xenofon Koutsoukos, Alvaro Cardenas, and Ehab Al-Shaer

NSA Opening Remarks
0845 - 0945 Keynote Presentation: Accountability in Computing 
Rebecca Wright, Barnard College and Rutgers University
0945 - 1000 BREAK
SESSION 2   Wyatt Rotunda  
1000 - 1030 BEEER: Distributed Record and Replay for Medical Devices in Hospital Operating Rooms
*Avesta Hojjati, *Yunhui Long, Soteris Demetriou, and *Carl A. Gunter
*University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Imperial College London
1030 - 1100 Limitations on Observability of Effects in Cyber-Physical Systems
Suresh K. Damodaran and Paul Rowe
1100 - 1130 Integrated Data Space Randomization and Control Reconfiguration for Securing Cyber-Physical Systems
Bradley Potteiger, Zhenkai Zhang and Xenofon Koutsoukos
Vanderbilt University
1130 - 1245 LUNCH
SESSION 3 Wyatt Rotunda  
1245 - 1415 PANEL: Are there fundamental truths in cybersecurity?
Moderator: Adam Tagert, NSA
Tiffany Bao, Arizona State University
Dan Geer, In-Q-Tel
Trent Jaeger, The Pennsylvania State University
Jonathan Spring, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

1415 - 1500 BREAK and POSTER SESSION
SESSION 4 Wyatt Rotunda  
1500 - 1730

Special Workshop Session

  • Alisa Frik, Amelia Haviland and Alessandro Acquisti
  • Nathan Malkin and Serge Egelman
  • Xueling Zhang, Xiaoyin Wang, Mitra Bokaei Hosseini, John Heaps, Xue Qin, Jarred Deeley, Travis Breaux and Jianwei Niu
1730 Adjourn
1830 - 2100 Dinner at the The Bridge Building

0800 - 1630

Registration | Contintental Breakfast (until 0830)

Wyatt Center Lobby
SESSION 5 Wyatt Rotunda  
0830 - 0930 Keynote: Toward a Science of Cyberdeception
Kevin Hamlen, UT Dallas
0930 - 1015 BREAK and POSTER SESSION
SESSION 6 Wyatt Rotunda  
1015 - 1045

How Shall We Play a Game? A Game-theoretical Model for Cyber-warfare Games
Tiffany Bao - 6th Annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition Winner
Arizona State University
1045 - 1115† -  - 1222 Game Theory for Adaptive Defensive Cyber Deception
*Kimberly Ferguson-Walter, Sunny Fugate, Justin Mauger and Maxine Major
Department of Defense, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific
1115 - 1145 Situated Information Flow Theory
Sebastian Benthall
New York University
1145 - 1245 .LUNCH
SESSION 7 Wyatt Rotunda  
1245 - 1345 Keynote: The Science of Attack Surfaces and Its Applications
Trent Jaeger, The Pennsylvania State University
1345 - 1500 Works-in-Progress / Works-already-Published Session

Attacks on Electricity Markets
Carlos Barreto and Xenofon Koutsoukos

Ethics in Norm-Aware Agents
Nirav Ajmeri, Hui Guo, Pradeep Kumar Murukannaiah and Munindar Singh

A Graph-Based Analysis of Industrial Control Systems Network Traffic
Imani Palmer, Shane McFly and Edmond Rogers.

A Multidimensional Multilevel Model for Smart Environment
Amir Modarresi, John Symons and James Sterbenz

Search Prevention using Captchas against Web Search Engine: A Proof of Concept
Luke Sample and Donghoon Kim

The Tularosa Study: An Experimental Design and Implementation to Quantify the Effectiveness of Cyber Deception
Kimberly Ferguson-Walter, Temmie Shade, Andrew Rogers, Elizabeth Niedbala, Michael Trumbo, Kevin Nauer, Aaron Jones, Angela Combs and Robert Abbott
1500 - 1515 BREAK
SESSION 8 Wyatt Rotunda  
1515 - 1545 A Copland Attestation Manager
Adam Petz and Perry Alexander
The University of Kansas
1545 - 1615 Browser Fingerprinting using Combinatorial Sequence Testing
*Bernhard Garn, *Dimitris E. Simos, Stefan Zauner, Rick Kuhn and Raghu Kacker
*SBA Research, FH Campus Wien, National Institute of Standards and Technology

1615 - 1630

Announcement of Winning Paper and Winning Poster
Adam Tagert

Closing Remarks
Xenofon Koutsoukos