HoTSoS 2021 Posters

A Dependently Typed Attestation Protocol Language

Anna Fritz, Perry Alexander

University of Kansas

A Hybrid Approach to Security Attack Detection in Containerized Applications

Yuhang Lin, Xiaohui Gu

North Carolina State University

A Pilot Study on Website Fingerprinting Vulnerability of Tor Onion Services & General Websites

Loc Ho1, Young-Ho Kim2, Won-gyum Kim3, Donghoon Kim1, Doosung Hwang2

1Arkansas State University, 2Dankook University, 3AiDeep

A Raspberry Pi Mesh Network to Monitor Biodiversity

Timothy Park, Jacob Scriffiny, Noah Smith, and Thomas Babbitt

United States Military Academy

AIRMAIL: Scaling Mobile Vulnerabilities through the AI Supply Chain

Bradley Potteiger, Rachel Cohen

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Automatic Security Patching for Containerized Java Applications

Olufogorehan Tunde-Onadele, Xiaohui Gu

North Carolina State University

Capturing and Analysing Windows Kernel events for Malware detection

Swapnil Bhosale, Anupam Joshi, Jeff Avery

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Cyber KG + RL: Guiding Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for malware mutation and detection with  knowledge graphs

Aritran Piplai, Anupam Joshi

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Disambiguation of Policy Documents for Improved Access Control Decision Making

Anantaa Kotal, Anupam Joshi

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

DNA Data Storage and Cryptography

Anna Vinnedge

United States Military Academy

From Collaboration Characteristics to Code Quality

Amanul Haque, Nirav Ajmeri, Ruijie Xi, Laurie Williams, Munindar Singh

North Carolina State University

Generating Security Requirements from Threat Reports

Md Rayhanur Rahman, Laurie Williams

North Carolina State University

Guidelines for Improving Scientific Reporting in Cyber Security

Matthew Armstrong, Jeffrey Carver

University of Alabama

Managing the Security Risk of Open Source Dependencies: Current Tools & Challenges

Nasif Imtiaz, Laurie Williams

North Carolina State University

Privacy-Preserving framework for Anomaly Detection Models in Smart Homes

Sai Sree Laya Chukkapalli, Anupam Joshi

University of Maryland, Baltimore County