Advance Computing in IoT based High-Security Smart Bank Locker

In today s world, security is a very important issue. People should always keep their belongings safe. To increase security, this research work proposes a IoT-based smart lockers with sensors and access keys with security, verification, and user-friendly tools. This model alerts the user when someone else tries to access their locker and quickly sends an alarm to the authorized user, and provides the option to either grant or reject access to the valid user. In this paper, smart locker is kept registered early to use a locker in the bank, office, home, etc. to ensure safety. The user demands to send an unlock direction with the help of microcontroller NUDE MCU ESP8266 and after accepting the command from the cloud (BLYNK APP), only the user can unlock the closet and access the valuables. This study has also introduced the encroachment detection in lockers with sensors and finally installed smart lockers with fire alarms for security and reliability.

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