Architecture Design of Electronic Evidence Trusted Deposits and Traceability Application System for Safety Production in Power Grid Enterprises

For power grid enterprises in the development of power engineering infrastructure, line equipment operation and inspection and other production and management activities, often due to evidence collection is not timely, lack of effective evidence and other reasons lead to the inability to prove, weak defense of rights, to the legitimate rights and interests of power grid enterprises caused losses. In this context, this paper carries out the technical research on the whole life cycle management scheme of electronic evidence for power grid enterprises safety production, designs the architecture of electronic evidence credible storage and traceability application service system, and realizes the whole life cycle credible management of electronic evidence from collection, curing, transmission, sealing to checking and identification. Enhance the credibility of electronic evidence, access to evidence from the traditional "after the fact evidence" to "before the evidence" mode change, and promote the company s safety production management level.

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