Bluetooth based Garage Door Opening System

Every person must take precautions in the current pandemic crisis, such as wearing protective gear, keeping a safe distance, cleaning their hands, and avoiding touching anything unless absolutely essential. However, there is a potential of disease transmission while touching objects like tables, doors, cars, and other things. Therefore, this study has proposed a proposal to stop them; the project is based on automation, in which an automatic door closing and opening mechanism has been created once the voice command is given. In this scenario, when a proper voice command is provided, the mechanism is activated to open and close the door automatically. Hence that there is no direct human contact with the door, which will assist stop or slow the spread of pandemic disease. The developed Arduino-based module can automatically close and open the door. These devices produced a regulator for the input, which uses the Android s Bluetooth signal. Arduino-based Android customers may easily open and close the door with their phones by communicating via Bluetooth technology. Within range, Bluetooth Classic (BT) makes it possible to connect an Android device. You may open a door with a personalized audio message and operate it by speaking into modules. Here, everyone is using various modules, such as voice commands, to control various modules. When a voice command is provided, the door will open and close on its own.

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