Bluetooth Based Home Automation Using Android Phone

Electronic devices and appliances are increasingly becoming a quintessential part of every household with the recent development and innovations in the field of technology affecting the day-to-day lives of individuals. Automation has caught the fame as people struggle to keep up with the demands of work, making it an easy solution to operate devices and machines to meet the individual needs. The paper describes the creation and execution of an affordable, versatile, and safe home automation system that is controlled through a mobile phone. The system relies on an independent Arduino BT board, which is connected to home appliances via relays attached to its input/output ports. Wireless communication is used to connect the mobile phone and the Arduino BT board. The system is designed to be both economical and expandable, allowing for control of a range of devices with minimal changes to its basic structure. The focus of the paper is to explain how to manage and regulate electronic devices using Android smartphones. The paper also outlines a home automation system that prioritizes security and safeguards user privacy. This system is designed to be affordable and flexible, making it possible to control various devices with minimalchanges to its core structure. Additionally, the appliances in the system are protected by passwords to ensure that only authorized users can access them.

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