CyberShield: Advanced Encryption and Decryption Techniques for Video Protection

With the increased usage of video communication technologies, the requirement for secure video data transfer has grown more critical than ever. Video encryption methods are critical in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive video data while it is provided across insecure networks. This study compares several video encryption algorithms, including symmetric and asymmetric key-based encryption methods. The goal of this research is to compare the security, computational complexity, and transmission overhead of several video encryption techniques. The research includes an examination of well-known encryption algorithms that include AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adelman) and DES (Data Encryption Standard), as well as variants on these techniques. Furthermore, this work offers a hybrid video encryption method that combines symmetric and asymmetric key-based encryption approaches to provide good security while being computationally simple. The experimental results reveal that the proposed method is more successful and effective than existing video encryption techniques. The suggested method used to secure video data communication over unsecured networks such as the internet, assuring the video data s secrecy, integrity, and authenticity.

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