Design and Development of an IoT Enabled Multi Features Smart Bag and Women’s Security Monitoring System

IoT-Based Smart Bag and Women Security System is an novel solution to address the raising problem of women s safety and offers protection to their personal belongings while providing real-time status updates. In recent days, women often face insecure situations in society. To overcome this, a safety-oriented method has been proposed. When the person is attacked by any of the strangers of thieves, the person can use the push button by which an alert notification is delivered to the registered smart phone number with the person’s location. Additionally, the bag is provided with a shock generator that can be used by women to defend themselves against attacks from strangers or theft people, which generates an electric shock of 550V. The bag is also assisted with a finger print detector is used for securing the zipper to avoid theft. An internal lighting system have been used which detects the intensity of light and automatically switches ON when the intensity is low for ease of locating items and a wireless charger for consumer’s convenience. This system utilizes components such as ESP32, a fingerprint sensor, and a GPS system helps tracing the exact location of the bag. The collected data can visualize through the Adafruit dashboard, that offers users a clear view of the bag s location, and ON and OFF status of LED and fingerprint sensor.

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Sathyamangalam, India
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