Design and Implementation of a Two-Step Security System for Cargo Vehicles Theft Prevention and Real-time Monitoring through IoT

Logistic transportation is the backbone of the supply chain. An uninterrupted transportation of any goods keeps the supply chain well balanced and thus helps the business as well as the economy. But in this current world, the transportation of goods is being harmed in many ways. One of those is theft, where the driver is also involved or not, but the thief steals the goods with or without breaking the seal. Both the supplying company and the client are affected by this. To reduce the problem, we are proposing a two-step security system. So that even if one system is deactivated somehow, the other system can be alerted, and necessary steps can be taken accordingly. By doing so, we can maintain a constant connection with the vehicle. Through this proposed project, the outer door seal of the cargo vehicle can be locked or unlocked, and the server can observe in real time whether any items inside are being stolen without opening the door. The security of logistics supply vehicles through the proposed paper will be more robust and beneficial to both the transport service provider and the service taker.

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