Development of a Real-time Location Monitoring App with Emergency Alert Features for Android Devices

Smartphones have completely altered the mobile communication scene. Wi-Fi, global positioning system navigation, high-resolution cameras, and touchscreens with high-speed internet access are just some of the cutting-edge capabilities that these devices offer, allowing users to stay in constant contact with the present. Since many of these features are embedded deeply in the mobile operating system, they are typically inaccessible to the average user. However, Google released Android, a revolutionary operating system. Because of its open system architecture, this platform encourages third-party development and a debugging environment that users may change to create their own unique apps. In this research project, we examine the development of an Emergency Based Remote Collateral Tracking System app on the Android mobile platform from Google. There are three main forms of emergencies: those involving the heart, those involving personal safety, and those involving the roads. Users who own and operate motor vehicles are the primary focus of this app. Our program can keep tabs on the driver’s pulse by connecting to a heart rate monitor. Our application has a backup function in case of anomalies. First, it sends SMS messages containing the user’s location data after using GPS to do so.

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