Development of a Visible Light Communication (VLC) System with Noise Suppression and Differentiation between Combined Sequences

Visible Light Security 2022 - The world moves towards innovation; internet and mobile users are rising tremendously, and there is a desire for high-speed and uninterrupted internet access. Because of its high speed, improved bandwidth, and security, everyone is now interested in a new emergent wireless communication technology called Visible Light Communication (VLC). A VLC system with and without noise has been developed and modelled using an optical source of 450 nm LED wavelength and photodiode as a receiver. For noise, white light source is used that has an impact on the performance and quality of the VLC system. At the receiver side, Trapezoidal Optical Filter is employed before the photo detector to reduce ambient light noise, enhance the Q-factor, Bit Error Rate and provides a clear eye diagram. This paper also discusses the effect of Bit Rate with LED Bandwidth and Q-factor. Optisystem-7 software is used to simulate the circuits. In this work, the performance is assessed using Bit Error Rate and Q-factor values, as well as an eye diagram for improved communication and the use of a rectangular optical filter and polarizer to separate the sequences at the receiver side when they are sharing the same channel at the same time.

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