Embedded System Based Small Scale Multi-Level Surveillance System

These days, safety measures can t be neglected. In a world where digital risks are becoming more prevalent, efficient security has become an essential aspect of any system or business. Protecting valuables now requires a defensive strategy with several layers. Security systems play an important role in today s modern, industrialised society. The security system is primarily intended to address the need for the protection of hard-earned treasures (jewels). Unlike the current method, which uses physical locks that are readily falsified, this system uses Bluetooth and RFID tags in conjunction with digital (electronic) code locks to unlock the door automatically once the series of authentications is validated and emits alarm noises when any discrepancy happens. The ability of subsequent layers of defense to prevent intrusion is unaffected by the failure of an earlier one to provide detection. In this effort, we use IoT to design and build a fully automated security system that will operate with no more human intervention when it is put into place. In addition, the system s overall cost of adoption is far lower than that of any other consumer security solution now on the market.

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