An Empirical Study of IoT Technology to Enhance Data Breaches and Critical Protective Methods via Various Correlation

The Web of Things (IoT), which aids in the creation opportunities to meet various business requirements, support in improving company activities, create and interact with the customers for effective delivery of goods and services, has seen overall expansion and development fueled by the dynamic business environment. The utilization of IoT and similar solutions has expanded, raising concerns about security vulnerabilities and the crucial actions that management must take to safeguard data and improve operational efficiency. The study focuses more on analyzing the key elements of IoT technologies that an organization may utilize to protect itself from security threats and take the necessary countermeasures to achieve sustainable growth. Each kind of network intrusion is thought to be linked around one or more different architectural levels; as a result, suitable authenticity, confidentially, and validation need to be established for greater protection. SPSS is utilized in the study s qualitative research design to analyses the data and offer insight based on the findings.

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