Evolution and Advancement of Quantum Computing in the Era of Networking and Cryptography

Over the past decade, we ve witnessed a remarkable and rapid surge in the realm of high-performance computing. The entire computing landscape, encompassing cloud and fog computing, has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity. Cloud computing, a system interconnecting myriad components, delivers application, data, and storage services over the internet. Quantum computing, on the other hand, harnesses the remarkable phenomena of quantum mechanics like superposition and entanglement for computational purposes. This paper serves as an expansive introduction to the fundamental principles, historical evolution, and breakthroughs in quantum computing, shedding light on its applications in network technology and cryptography. Moreover, it delves into the exciting potential for future game development empowered by quantum technology. In particular, we ll uncover the latest strides in cognitive networking and cryptography, drawing attention to the cutting-edge developments. Finally, we ll scrutinize the on-going research endeavours and lingering questions demanding further exploration within the dynamic realm of quantum computing.

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