Happiness Is Homemade: Website For Elderly People

Happiness Is Homemade is a safe and trusted platform that addresses the lack of recreational opportunities faced by older adults. Our website will help people not only elders but also volunteers of younger age groups, connect with people of similar likes and interests helping them enlarge their social circle and switching to other means of recreation apart from mobile phones and television. This platform aims at resolving the issues of lack of leisure time activities which may lead to problems in physical and mental health, social life, and the environment in which they live and interact with older adults. Registered volunteers organize specific activities for senior citizens. Elders who are interested in embarking on new experiences or continue pursuing their hobbies and interests can register for the specific curated event. The event details, time, place, and the details of the volunteer/s organizing the event would be mentioned. Activities here include excursions to specific locations, temple visits, retro nights and yoga, meditation events, etc. It also provides a platform for seniors to organize courses(classes) in their areas of expertise. These courses are accompanied by interested volunteers. Classes can be conducted online or offline at senior citizens homes. Classes can include any subject, including cooking, finance, gardening, and home economics. With the help of this platform not only will the problem of leisure time activities be resolved but also it will help the elder citizens to earn some income.

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