Health Wearable IoT (WIoT) Technology Devices Security and Privacy Vulnerability Analysis

Wearables Security 2022 - In aura and era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the fourth industrial revolution, modern wearable electronic devices and their communication networks are marching into every corner of modern society and changing every aspect of our daily life. Thus, the progress of digitalization including miniaturization of sensor and wearable technology and its growing importance of physical and psychological wellbeing have a tremendous impact on almost all consumer goods from wearable to nonwearable industries. Different types of signals are used in communication between the devices for wireless transmission of data. such as Radio Frequency, Infrared, and Lightwave Transmissions. Wearable devices are becoming a hot topic in many fields such as medical, fashion, education, etc. Digital dependency of WIoT devices, introduced new security challenges, and vulnerabilities. This research is focused on Fitness Wearable Technology Devices Security and Privacy Vulnerability Analysis and highlights the importance of this topic by revealing the potential security concerns. Fog Computing, Sidera and Blockchain technologies were researched as Security Techniques to enhance security and efficiency while providing access to medical and personal records.

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