Information Security and the Quality of Online Loan Applications: A Societal Analysis

Online loan is viewed as an alternative to banking but easier and provide direct connection between public and loan offerer. However, online security threats and scam are undermining the quality of online loan. This study aims to determine how the public views their privacy while using online loan applications, perceived risk, perceived security, and qualities on intention to apply online loan. In order to examine the intention, a quantitative survey method was adopted and survey questionnaire was sent to the public who had experienced and apply for online loan applications. 153 responses were received and analysed using IBM SPSS version 28 for demographic analysis and SmartPLS 4 for model and structural measurements. Results show that perceived security, service quality and system quality were not critical to the respondents when choosing online loan applications while perceived risk, information sharing, and privacy concern were critical. This study shows that general public believed that security and quality are part of the package when organization offered a product or service. Interestingly, while privacy, risk, and information are important, public felt that it is the duty of organization to take care of their interests. Future research should look into behavioural aspects of public risk, information sharing, and privacy concern to understand in-depth.

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Jakarta, Indonesia
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