Investigating Users’ Privacy Concerns of Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Devices

Privacy Policies and Measurement - Although the number of smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices has grown in recent years, the public s perception of how effectively these devices secure IoT data has been questioned. Many IoT users do not have a good level of confidence in the security or privacy procedures implemented within IoT smart devices for protecting personal IoT data. Moreover, determining the level of confidence end users have in their smart devices is becoming a major challenge. In this paper, we present a study that focuses on identifying privacy concerns IoT end users have when using IoT smart devices. We investigated multiple smart devices and conducted a survey to identify users privacy concerns. Furthermore, we identify five IoT privacy-preserving (IoTPP) control policies that we define and employ in comparing the privacy measures implemented by various popular smart devices. Results from our study show that the over 86\% of participants are very or extremely concerned about the security and privacy of their personal data when using smart IoT devices such as Google Nest Hub or Amazon Alexa. In addition, our study shows that a significant number of IoT users may not be aware that their personal data is collected, stored or shared by IoT devices.

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