Network Security Mechanism Optimization Strategy in Cloud Native Scenario

Risk assessors and managers face many difficult challenges related to the new network system. These challenges include the continuous changes in the nature of network systems caused by technological progress, their distribution in the fields of physics, information and social cognition, and the complex network structure that usually includes thousands of nodes. Here, we review the probability and risk-based decision technology applied to network systems, and conclude that the existing methods can not solve all the components of the risk assessment triad (threat, vulnerability, consequence), and lack the ability to integrate across multiple areas of network systems, thus providing guidance for enhancing network security. We propose a cloud native security chain architecture and network topology reconstruction technology link based on the full link of microservices. The network security performance is quantified by multi-layer filtering mechanism and setting different fitness index functions. The method proposed in this paper solves the problems of packet loss, load balancing and distributed delay of network security mechanism in the global network to a certain extent.

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Chengdu, China
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