No Key - Smart Door Unlock System Using Fingerprint from Bluetooth Device

Technology has improved, and smart locking systems have become more sophisticated. In this case, the android-based Smart System is primarily intended for multimode operations. Such a system is necessary in banks and businesses since it provides f u n c t i o n s that let users control locks. The implementation’s efficiency the system is incredibly helpful because of its functionality and user-friendly interface. Some homeowners aim to connect their home’s numerous home automation devices. Those connected to a Windows-based PC are the most popular home controllers. In our study, we introduced a form of smart technology that utilized Bluetooth while using a mobile smartphone. Consequently, using it will be simpler and more effective. Additionally, it supported the free and open-source Android and Arduino platforms. This paper proposes a door lock automation system that uses an Android smartphone with Bluetooth as the first piece of hardware. Following a description of the design and software development process, a Bluetooth-based Smartphone application for locking and unlocking doors is demonstrated. The task module acts as the agent in the hardware design for the door-lock system, the Arduino microcontroller serves as the controller and data processing hub, and the solenoid acts as the door lock output. The results of each test show that it is compatible with the original plan for this study.

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