An Optimal Solution for a Human Wrist Rotation Recognition System by Utilizing Visible Light Communication

Visible Light Security 2022 - Wrist-worn devices enable access to essential information and they are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as gesture and activity recognition. Wristworn devices require appropriate technologies when used in sensitive areas, overcoming vulnerabilities in regard to security and privacy. In this work, we propose an approach to recognize wrist rotation by utilizing Visible Light Communication (VLC) that is enabled by low-cost LEDs in an indoor environment. In this regard, we address the channel model of a VLC communicating wristband (VLCcw) in terms of the following factors. The directionality and the spectral composition of the light and the corresponding spectral sensitivity and the directional characteristics of the utilized photodiode (PD). We verify our VLCcw from the simulation environment by a smallscale experimental setup. Then, we analyze the system when white and RGBW LEDs are used. In addition, we optimized the VLCcw system by adding more receivers for the purpose of reducing the number of LEDs on VLCcw. Our results show that the proposed approach generates a feasible real-world simulation environment.

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Graz, Austria
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