Prototype of Iot-Based Keyless Security System For Motorcycle

Today the motorcycle theft cases in Indonesia are in a very high rate and it has been continuing to increase in every year. For this, there is a need for a security system for motorcycle to minimize the risk of motorcycle theft. This study aims to design and create an Internet of Things (IoT)-based security system for the motorcycle that can be controlled through smartphone purposely to reduce the rate of motorcycle thefts. The system was created using Arduino microcontroller. From the results of the implementation, it produced a device that has a number of features including turning on, turning off, and motorcycle starter using application. Another one is the function of tracking to trace the position of the motorcycle. The third feature is to turn off the function of motorcycle socket and the fourth feature is to control the switch engine of motorcycle. The results of the testing in the parameters of maximum distance of Bluetooth connection, delay proses, test of GPS connectivity and test of voice command, showed that it could create a system that can be used well as an anti-theft device for motorcycle.

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