Reimagining Authentication: A User-Centric Two-Factor Authentication with Personalized Image Verification

As digital ecosystems burgeon, the imperative to fortify user authentication methods intensifies. This paper introduces a novel two-factor authentication system designed to transcend the limitations of conventional password-based approaches. Our approach intertwines traditional login credentials with personalized image-based verification, ushering in a dual-layered authentication paradigm. This elevates security by mandating the fulfillment of two independent factors and engenders a user-centric authentication experience. Users establish primary login credentials during the account creation phase and select personalized images imbued with personal significance. Each image is intricately linked to a user-defined keyword, enhancing the authentication process s meaningfulness. The authentication phase comprises submitting primary credentials, random display of associated keywords, and subsequent user identification and image upload. The system intelligently restricts authentication attempts with differentiated limits for known and unknown devices to preempt password attacks. The amalgamation of personalized images, keywords, and a strategic limitation on authentication attempts distinguishes our system as a comprehensive solution. It mitigates the vulnerabilities associated with traditional authentication methods and augments the user experience. Our two-factor authentication system stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of user authentication, offering a secure and engaging pathway in an era of heightened digital vulnerabilities. While our innovative system presents significant progress, it is imperative to recognize certain limitations for a successful implementation. Ongoing attention and refinement are particularly crucial in addressing concerns related to device and image dependency and potential vulnerabilities associated with shoulder surfing attacks.

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