Research on Video Surveillance Violence Detection Technology Based on Deep Convolution Network

In recent years, in order to continuously promote the construction of safe cities, security monitoring equipment has been widely used all over the country. How to use computer vision technology to realize effective intelligent analysis of violence in video surveillance is very important to maintain social stability and ensure people s life and property safety. Video surveillance system has been widely used because of its intuitive and convenient advantages. However, the existing video monitoring system has relatively single function, and generally only has the functions of monitoring video viewing, query and playback. In addition, relevant researchers pay less attention to the complex abnormal behavior of violence, and relevant research often ignores the differences between violent behaviors in different scenes. At present, there are two main problems in video abnormal behavior event detection: the video data of abnormal behavior is less and the definition of abnormal behavior in different scenes cannot be clearly distinguished. The main existing methods are to model normal behavior events first, and then define videos that do not conform to the normal model as abnormal, among which the learning method of video space-time feature representation based on deep learning shows a good prospect. In the face of massive surveillance videos, it is necessary to use deep learning to identify violent behaviors, so that the machine can learn to identify human actions, instead of manually monitoring camera images to complete the alarm of violent behaviors. Network training mainly uses video data set to identify network training.

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