A Review of Authentication Techniques used for Security in Cloud Computing

The changes in technologies has also changed the way we compute. Computing applications provide various types of functionalities. However, a common thing is to secure the same computing system. It requires a high level of developer skills to secure a system. Generally, verifying users before access of services, encryption of data, and techniques of parallel access of information by multiple users is done to ensure only valid users can access the services. One need to verify person, device, process, or service before it access the related service(s). In this paper, we present a review of authentication techniques used in computing computing. It elaborates methods used for traditional authentication using articles, letters, people, passwords, one-time passwords, digital certificates, two-way authentication to latest behavioural, doodles, image sequence, gestures based recognition of users using biometrics, gait-based and their behavioural analytics. It also discusses key features of various methods including gaps and scope of improvement.

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