Secure Data Communication Using Padding Key Encryption Cryptography Algorithm

Nowadays, in communications, the main criteria to ensure that the information and communication in the network. The normal two users communication exchanges confidential data and files via the network. Secure data communication is the most important and crucial problem by message transmission networks. To resolve this problem, cryptography uses mathematical encryption and decryption data on adaptation by converting a data from key into an unreadable format. Cryptography provides a method for performing the transmission of confidential or secure communication. The proposed Padding Key Encryption (PKE) algorithm is used to encrypt the data; it generates the secret key in an unreadable format. The receiver decrypts the data using the private key in a readable format. In the proposed PKE algorithm, the sender sends data into plain text to cipher-text using a secret key to the authorized person; the unauthorized person cannot access the data through the Internet; only an authorized person can view the data the private key. The proposed simulation results provide high security to communicate the receiver for confidential data or files compared with other previous methods.

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