Secure Encryption Framework for Multi-Cloud Environments: Leveraging Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Data encryption is the process of turning data into encrypted data. It is a crucial technology for securing data while it is being stored or transmitted, especially in cloud environments where data is stored remotely and accessed over the internet. In our study, we compared five well-known algorithms to determine which is the most reliable for data encryption in cloud environments. This research study provides insights into the performance of different data encryption algorithms in the cloud environment and their potential applications in various industries. There are several benefits of using data encryption, including cost efficiency, management control and remote worker protection. Encryption is cheap to implement as many of today s devices and systems come with built-in encryption technology. Encryption can free organizations from government-imposed regulatory fines as some governments have mandated regulations and requirements regarding data protection that require private data to be encrypted and prevent all unauthorized access and all illegal activities. Encryption can help secure and protect remote workers by securing their data and communications. As more and more employees opt for remote working, that is, working from home, the need for data security has become more important.

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