Smart Radar Security System Based on Bluetooth

In recent years, the advancement of sensor technologies has revolutionized the field of security systems, enabling more accurate and reliable monitoring solutions. Radar technology, known for its ability to operate effectively in various weather conditions and lighting environments, provides a distinct advantage in maintaining consistent surveillance. By utilizing radio waves, the system can accurately detect movement within its coverage area, making it well-suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The smart radar security system is an innovative approach that harnesses the power of radar technology to create a robust and efficient security solution. This system employs radar sensors to detect and track movement, presence, and object classification in diverse environments, offering significant advantages over traditional security methods. The core functionality of the proposed system revolves around its ability to detect motion with high precision. The proposed approach represents a significant step forward in security solutions by leveraging radar technology s unique advantages. Hence, this work aims to develop a protype for accurately detection the obstacle motion related to radar applications. Bluetooth technology has been utilized for establishing user interface and receiving alerts in the mobile application. Users can receive real-time alerts and notifications on their smartphones or connected devices whenever unauthorized movement is detected. Additionally, the proposed system can be seamlessly integrated with existing smart home or security systems, allowing for comprehensive and centralized surveillance management. As technology continues to evolve, this system showcases the potential for cutting-edge solutions that prioritize both security and privacy.

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