A State-Of-Art Model of Encrypting Medical Image Using DNA Cryptography and Hybrid Chaos Map - 2d Zaslavaski Map: Review

E-health, smart health and telemedicine are examples of sophisticated healthcare systems. For end-to-end communication, these systems rely on digital medical information. Although this digitizing saves much time, it is open source. As a result, hackers could potentially manipulate the digital medical image as it is being transmitted. It is harder to diagnose an actual disease from a modified digital medical image in medical diagnostics. As a result, ensuring the security and confidentiality of clinical images, as well as reducing the computing time of encryption algorithms, appear to be critical problems for research groups. Conventional approaches are insufficient to ensure high-level medical image security. So this review paper focuses on depicting advanced methods like DNA cryptography and Chaotic Map as advanced techniques that could potentially help in encrypting the digital image at an effective level. This review acknowledges the key accomplishments expressed in the encrypting measures and their success indicators of qualitative and quantitative measurement. This research study also explores the key findings and reasons for finding the lessons learned as a roadmap for impending findings.

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