Twin eye Authentication Gateway Architecture Resilient to DDoS attacks in 6LoWPAN IoT Network Using Machine Learning Techniques

IoT technology establishes a platform for automating services by connecting diverse objects through the Internet backbone. However, the integration of IoT networks also introduces security challenges, rendering IoT infrastructure susceptible to cyber-attacks. Notably, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks breach the authorization conditions and these attacks have the potential to disrupt the physical functioning of the IoT infrastructure, leading to significant financial losses and even endangering human lives. Yet, maintaining availability even when networking elements malfunction has not received much attention. This research paper introduces a novel Twin eye Architecture, which includes dual gateway connecting every IoT access network to provide reliability even with the failure or inaccessibility of connected gateway. It includes the module called DDoS Manager that is molded into the gateway to recognize the dangling of the gateway. The effectiveness of the proposed model is evaluated using dataset simulated in NS3 environment. The results highlight the outstanding performance of the proposed model, achieving high accuracy rates. These findings demonstrate the proposed network architecture continues to provide critical authentication services even upon the failure of assigned gateway.

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