Virtual Machine Migration Techniques, Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Virtualization is essential in assisting businesses in lowering operational costs while still ensuring increased productivity, better hardware utilization, and flexibility. According to Patrick Lin, Senior Director of Product Management for VMware, "virtualization is both an opportunity and a threat." This survey gives a review of the literature on major virtualization technology security concerns. Our study primarily focuses on several open security flaws that virtualization introduces into the environment. Virtual machines (VMs) are overtaking physical machine infrastructures due to their capacity to simulate hardware environments, share hardware resources, and make use of a range of operating systems (OS). By offering a higher level of hardware abstraction and isolation, efficient external monitoring and recording, and on-demand access, VMs offer more effective security architecture than traditional machines. It concentrates on virtual machine-specific security concerns. The security risks mentioned in this proposal apply to all of the virtualization technologies now on the market; they are not unique to any one particular virtualization technology. In addition to some security advantages that come along with virtualization, the survey first gives a brief review of the various virtualization technologies that are now on the market. It conclude by going into great depth on a number of security gaps in the virtualized environment.

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