advancing cybersecurity through science

The National Security Agency Research Directorate sponsors the Science of Security Initiative to promote foundational cybersecurity science that is needed to mature the cybersecurity discipline and to underpin advances in cyberdefense. The SoS initiative works in several ways. 1. Engage the academic community for foundational research, 2. Promote rigorous scientific principles, and 3. grow the SoS community. The SoS Virtual Organization is the SoS’s initiative online home.

promoting foundational cybersecurity science needed to mature the cybersecurity discipline and advance cyberdefense
providing a focal point for security science related work and facilitating collaborative community to advance security science
sponsoring engaging competitions and rewarding demonstrated excellence in the cybersecurity community

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  • 04/19/2024 – 04/21/2024

    17th Dallas Circuits and Systems Conference (DCAS)

    "This conference is co-sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society, the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, the IEEE Electron Devices Society, UT Dallas and UNT and will feature a comprehensive program of technical papers, poster sess
  • 04/23/2024 – 04/25/2024

    2024 National Cyber Crime Conference

    Over the past decade, the NCCC has become one of the premier training events for law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and forensic examiners in the world. The 2024 National Cyber Crime Conference will be held from April 23 through April 25.
  • 04/24/2024 – 04/24/2024

    SecureWorld Kansas City

    "For more than 22 years, SecureWorld has been tackling global cybersecurity issues and sharing critical knowledge and tools needed to protect against ever-evolving threats.
  • 04/28/2024 – 04/30/2024

    12th International Symposium on Digital Forensics and Security (ISDFS 2024)

    "ISDFS provides a platform for researchers and experts in academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas and recent developments in Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science in general."