Automated system for simultaneous characterization of acoustic and photoacoustic thermal properties of materials

Understanding the temperature dependence of acoustic and photoacoustic (PA) properties is important for the characterization of materials and measurements in various applications. Ultrasound methods have been developed to estimate these properties, but they require careful consideration of multiple variables and steps to obtain reliable results. This study aimed to develop an automated system for simultaneous characterization of acoustic and PA properties of materials. The system was designed to minimize operator errors, ensuring robust temperature control and reproducibility for acoustic measurements. This was made possible through the integration of a commercially available PA imaging system with a custom-built platform specifically tailored for ultrasound-based acoustic characterization. This platform consisted of both hardware and software modules. The system was evaluated with NaCl solutions at different concentrations and a gelatin/agar cubic phantom prepared with uniformly distributed magnetic nanoparticles serving as optical absorbers. Results obtained from the NaCl solution samples exhibited a high Lin s concordance coefficient (above 0.9) with previously reported studies. In the ultrasound/PA experiment, temperature dependences of the speed of sound and PA intensity revealed a strong Pearson s correlation coefficient (0.99), with both measurements exhibiting a monotonic increase as anticipated for water-based materials. These findings demonstrate the accuracy and stability of the developed system for acoustic property measurements.

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Montreal, QC, Canada
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