C3E 2023 Poster Sesion

C3E Participant Poster Session

The poster session will be held during the working lunch on Tuesday at 11:45am.

AMETHYST (AutoMated THeorY SubsTitution): Formal language generation that is explainable, explorable, and extensible by humans
John Scebold and Jared Ziegler, Two Six Technologies

Analyzing and Securing Software via Robust and Generalizable Learning
Kexin Pei, Columbia University and The University of Chicago

C3E Challenge Problems
Don Goff and Dan Wolf, Cyber Pack Ventures

Fine-tuning and Prompting LLMs for Proof Synthesis and Repair
Emily First UCSD

Learning Topological Features via Path Complexes
Peter Chin, Dartmouth University

Leveraging LLMs in Assuring Next Generation Safety and Security Critical Systems
Srivatsan Varadarajan, Honeywell Technologies

Pretraining for Proof Repair with Infrastructure for Supervised Models
Andrew Gardner, Radiance Technologies

Trustworthy Foundation Models via Integrating Context
Chengzhi Mao, Columbia

Using LLMs and s(CASP) to build trustworthy AI systems
Gopal Gupta, UT Dallas

Florida Institute of Technology Student Poster Session

The FIT student poster session will be held on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

A Comparative Analysis of Resolution Effects in Face Recognition
Joyce Annan

Compositional Human-Agent Teams for Spaceflight
Rahul Metha

Inferring Personality Traits from Facial Expressions: A Deep Learning Approach
Kushal Vangara

Informed Decision-Making through Advancements in Open Set Recognition
Atefeh Mahdav

Introducing the Autonomous Cyber Exploitation (ACE) Competition
Alex Schmith & Chandler Hake

Ok, Google, Are There any Vulnerabilities in my Project?
Fitzroy Nembhard

Patterns of Effective Human-Agent Teams
Josias Moukpe

Privacy Preserving Effect of Cloaking Across Demographics
Xavier Merino Aguilera

Toward Binary Diversification
Chris Stricklan

Toward Tone-Aware Face Image Datasets
Gabriella Pangelinan

Trust and Reliance in Compositional Control Teams
Kazuhiko Momose

Neuroergonomics of Cursor Control Devices in Spacecraft Cockpits for Spaceflight Participants
Troy Weekes

Simulation Study of Human Input Devices in a Variable Gravity Environment for Commercial Space Transportation
Troy Weekes