C3E 2024 Suggested Reading

Generative AI for Specifications

  1. Clover: Closed-Loop Verifiable Code Generation (~19 pages)
  2. Formalizing Natural Language Intent into Program Specifications via Large Language Models (~18 pages)
  3. PwR: Exploring the Role of Representations in Conversational Programming (~21 pages)

Sociotechnical Aspects of Human-AI Systems

  1. "Beyond Human Deep Learning" (~26 pages) provides a philosophical perspective on the difficulty of describing algorithms with our current language. The authors present a foundation for future development on how to overcome incommensurable language. 
  2. "Measures for explainable AI" (~ 15 pages) considers the use of cognitive models to improve explainable AI.
  3. "An intelligent sociotechnical systems" (~10 pages) presents a sociotechnical perspective on designing human-centered AI.