C3E May 2016 Program Agenda



0800 - 0900
Arrival at the Keck Center: 
500 Fifth St. NW 
Washington, DC
0900 - 0910 Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Kathy Bogner
0910 - 0935 Lightning Round (mini-introductions)
0935 - 0945 C3E Recap Briefing 
Kevin O'Connell & Dan Wolf
0945 - 1015 Understanding Cyber Dependence — Network Mapping 
Walter Willinger (Niksun, Inc.)
1015 - 1030 Morning Break
1030 - 1100 Understanding Cyber Dependence — Use Case 
Jason Lim (Transportation Security Administration)
1100 - 1215 Content Development Session: Understanding Cyber Dependence
1215 - 1315 Working Lunch: 2016 Challenge Problem Discussion 
Dan Wolf & Chip Willard
1315 - 1400 CyberSecurity Data in Context 
Marco Carvahlo (Florida Institute of Technology)
1400 - 1415 Afternoon Break
1415 - 1545 Content Development Session: CyberSecurity Data in Context
1545 - 1615 Development Session Out Briefs
1615 - 1630 Closing Remarks & Next Steps 
Brad Martin
1630 Workshop Adjourns


Dr. Walter Willinger is NIKSUN’s Chief Scientist and is responsible for leading the NIKSUN Innovation Center. A published author, Fr. Willinger is best known for his research and work on the self-similar, “fractal” nature of Internet traffic. Focusing on the topological structure of the Internet, he has developed a theoretical foundation for the study of large scale communication networks. Dr. Willinger received his Dipl. Math from the ETH Zurich and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University. He is a Fellow of ACM (2005), Fellow of IEEE (2005), AT&T Fellow (2007), and Fellow of SIAM (2009), as well as the co- recipient of multiple awards for his outstanding publications.

Jason Lim joined TSA in July 2007 and is currently serving as the Program Manager for Security Technology Integrated Program (STIP), a DHS Level II major IT program. Prior to the current position, Jason served as the Section Chief for the Workforce Engagement Learning Lab (WELL) that oversees the TSA’s primary social media engagement tools in the IdeaFactory and StoryLine. He also served as the inaugural Program Manager for TSA History Program, which was established in April 2010 to collect, identify, preserve, and display artifacts related to the history of TSA in order to communicate historical lessons in meaningful, accessible, and multi- faceted ways to TSA workforce. Previously Jason served as the Technology Manager for the IdeaFactory and special assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Office of Business Transformation and Culture (BTC).

In his spare time, Jason likes to write. Since September 2006, he has been contributing a regular feature column to The Korea Times titled, “On Second Thought,” where he writes about leadership, culture, and communication. The Korea Times is the oldest English language daily newspaper published in Korea. His opinion articles have also previously appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, NY Daily News, Boston Globe, International Herald Tribune, and other major press throughout the world.

Jason Lim has an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School and MS from NYU Wagner School of Public Service. He graduated from Duke University with a BSE in Biomedical Engineering. Jason was selected as the 2007-2008 Fellow at Harvard Korea Institute, where his research focused on leadership archetypes in Asian history.

Dr. Marco Carvalho an Associated Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, and a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. At Florida Tech, Dr. Carvalho is the Executive Director of the Harris Institute for Assured Information, and the Director of the Intelligent Communication and Information Systems Laboratory (ICIS). Dr. Carvalho is the Principal Investigator of several research projects. His area primary areas of research are in computer security, computer networks, and information systems.