C3E 2010 Attendees
Name Title Affiliation
Mr. Tanner Allen Intern  Lockheed Martin 
Mr. Karl Anderson Cyber Researcher  Department of Defense 
Ms. Pamela Arya VP  Harris Crucial Security 
Dr. Rita Barrios Assistant Professor  Center for Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies, U. of Detroit 
Mr. Michael Bender Technical Director Computer & Information Sciences Research  National Security Agency 
Dr. Curt Boylls Senior Technical Advisor  Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab 
Mr. James Brase Deputy Program Director for Intelligence  Lawrence Livermore National Lab 
Mr. Michael Broder President  Competitive Sense, LLC 
Dr. Luanne Burns Senior Staff  Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab 
Mr. Matt Burnside Research Engineer  Department of Defense 
Mr. Josh Caplan Assistant Director for Computer Network Operations Technology  DDR&E 
Mr. Lonnie Carey C3E Team Technical Lead  C3E Team 
Mr. Nick Carey   Lockheed Martin 
Ms. Veronica Carter Conference Coordinator  BRTRC 
Dr. Marco Carvalho Research Scientist  Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition 
Dr. Nicolas Christin Associate Director, Information Networking Institute  Carnegie Mellon University 
Dr. Andy Cowell Senior Research Scientist  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
Dr. George Cybenko Gramm Professor of Engineering  Dartmouth 
Dr. Balakrishnan Dasarathy Program Manager  Science and Technology Associates 
Ms. Donna Dodson Chief, Computer Security Division  NIST 
Dr. John Doyle Braun Professor of CDS  Caltech 
Mr. Jacques Erasmus Director of Malware Research  Prevx 
Earl of Erroll Peer  House of Lords 
Ms. Kim Ferguson-Walter Defensive Computing Research  Department of Defense 
Dr. Deborah Frincke Chief Scientist Cyber Security Research  Pacific Northwest National Lab/University of Washington 
Dr. Matthew Gaston Director of Research  General Dynamics C4S | Viz 
Mr. John Gerth Manager, Computer Graphics Laboratory  Stanford University 
Mr. Ed Gibson Director - Forensic Technology Solutions  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 
Dr. Nicole Gibson Manager  PricewaterhouseCoopers 
Ms. Kimberly Glasgow Senior Social Network analyst  John Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab 
Dr. Virgil Gligor Professor and Co-Director CyLab  Carnegie Mellon University 
Mr. Jose Granado Principal  Ernst & Young 
Mr. Andrew Grealy Senior Security Consultant  ESecure 
Dr. Robert Grossman Professor  University of Chicago 
Mr. Sean Guarino Senior Software Engineer  Charles River Analytics Inc. 
Ms. Leah Haas Intern  Lockheed Martin 
Mr. Dave Harris Applied Research Mathematician  National Security Agency 
Mr. Victor Harrison Partner and Practice Director  CSC 
Dr. Eric Haseltine Managing Partner  Hasletine Partners 
Dr. Robert Hayes Senior Fellow  Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Government 
Dr. Tobias Hollerer Associate Professor  UCSB 
Dr. Gary Holness Lead Research Scientist  Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs 
Ms. Virginia Hoover Conference Support  BRTRC 
Dr. Somesh Jha Professor  University of Wisconsin 
Dr. Dick Kemmerer Professor  UCSB 
Mr. Daniel Kidwell Computer Systems Researcher  NSA 
Mr. Paul King Senior Security Advisor  Cisco Systems 
Dr. Christopher Kruegel Associate Professor  UC Santa Barbara 
Dr. Boyd Livingston Technical Director  Research Directorate / NSA 
Dr. Tom Longstaff Chief Scientist, Cyber Mission  Johns Hopkins University 
Dr. Steve Lukasik Distinguished Senior Research Fellow  Center for International Security, Policy, and Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Dr. Steve Marsh Deputy Director  UK Office of Cyber Security 
Dr. Katy Mason    
Ms. Trish McNulty Intern Scribe  Lockheed Martin 
Mr. William Merring System Architect  Open Source Works 
Dr. Patricia Muoio Chief, Trusted Systems Research Group  NSA 
Dr. Sanjai Narain Senior Research Scientist  Telcordia Technologies, Inc 
Dr. Danko Nebesh Senior Computer Scientist  NSA 
Mr. Kevin O'Connell Co-Chair, C3E Conference  Innovative Analytics and Training, LLC 
Mr. Robert Rodriguez Chairman and Founder  Security Innovation Network 
Mr. Ted Senator VP/Techical Fellow  SAIC 
Dr. David Skillicorn Professor  Queen's University 
Dr. Robin Sommer Researcher  ICSI/LBNL 
Dr. Salvatore Stolfo Professor  Columbia University 
Dr. William Streilein Staff Member  MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
Dr. Alexander Szalay Professor  The Johns Hopkins University 
Ms. Julia Terr-Malloy Intern, Medical Strategies  Lockheed Martin 
Mr. Eric Thomas Software Engineer  Lockheed Martin 
Dr. Rand Waltzman Program Manager  DARPA 
Mr. Zack Warfield Analyst / Consultant  Omnis, Inc. 
Mr. Gerald Willard Technical Director  NTOC Office of Analysis 
Mr. Dan Wolf President/CEO  Cyber Pack Ventrues, Inc. 
Ms. Indi Young Researcher, Author   
Dr. Michael Zyda Director  USC GamePipe Laboratory