C3E 2009 Attendees
Name Title Affiliation
Mr. Karl Anderson Cyber Researcher  Department of Defense 
Mr. William Barker Chief Cybersecurity Advisor  NIST, Dept of Commerce 
Dr. David Belanger Chief Scientist  AT&T 
Dr. Steven Bellovin Professor  Columbia University 
Dr. Steven Borbash IA Researcher  NSA Research 
Mr. Brian Bowen PhD Student  Columbia University 
Dr. Blaine Burnham Ph.D  University of Nebraska / Omaha 
Dr. Luanne Burns Senior Staff  Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab 
Mrs. Christina Cain APL Administrative Assistant  APL  
Mr. David Chaboya Computer Network Ops Intern  Air Force 
Mr. William Cheswick Lead Member of Technical Staff  AT&T Labs - Research 
Dr. Peter Chin Branch Chief Scientist  Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab 
Dr. Richard Colbaugh Research Scientist / Professor   Sandia National Labs / New Mexico Tech  
Mr. Ang Cui GRA  Columbia University 
Dr. George Cybenko Gramm Professor of Engineering  Dartmouth 
Dr. Drew Dean Program Manager  DARPA 
Steven Deibert Mr.   
Dr. Edward Delp Professor  Purdue University 
Ms. Donna Dodson Chief, Computer Security Division  NIST 
Dr. Anna Dornhaus Assistant Professor  University of Arizona 
Dr. John Doyle Braun Professor of CDS  Caltech 
Mr. Marty Ellingsworth President  Industry 
Mr. Sean Fahey Program Manager  JHU/APL 
Dr. Stephanie Forrest Professor  University of New Mexico 
Dr. Richard Gabriel Distinguished Engineer  IBM Research 
Dr. Matthew Gaston Director of Research  General Dynamics C4S | Viz 
Dr. Tim Gibson Program Manager  DARPA (Defense Dept.) 
Dr. Robert Grossman Professor  University of Chicago 
Mr. Levi Gundert Director, Fraud Cyber Intelligence  Team Cymru 
Eric Harder Visiting Professor  Computer Science Dept., USNA 
Dr. Eric Haseltine Managing Partner  Hasletine Partners 
Dr. Bruce Hendrickson Senior Manager for Mathematics and Computer Science  Sandia National Labs 
Mr. James Holt Researcher  DOD 
Mr. Richard Howard Intelligence Director  VeriSign iDefense 
Mr. Jeff Hughes Chief, ATSPI Technology Office  Air Force Research Laboratory 
Mr. Curtis Johnson Manager  Sandia National Laboratories 
Mr. Jeff Jonas Chief Scientist  IBM Entity Analytics 
Ms. Joyce Kim Student  Columbia University 
Dr. Carl Landwehr Program Director  National Science Foundation 
Dr. Jure Leskovec Professor  Stanford University 
Mr. Steven Lipner Senior Director of Security Engineering Strategy  Microsoft Corporation 
Dr. Richard Lippmann Senior Staff  MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
Dr. Boyd Livingston Technical Director  Research Directorate / NSA 
Dr. Tom Longstaff Chief Scientist, Cyber Mission  Johns Hopkins University 
Mr. Justin Ma PhD Student  UC San Diego 
Dr. Jeffrey Marasovich Senior Researcher  US Government 
Dr. Patricia Muoio Chief, Trusted Systems Research Group  NSA 
Dr. Aleksey Nogin Research Staff Member  HRL Laboratories, LLC 
Ms. Tina Orr Conference Manager  System Planning Corporation 
Mrs. Elizabeth Reilly Graduate Student & APL Technical Aide  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory 
Mr. Declan Rieb Staff Member  Sandia National Laboratories 
Mr. Charles Romine Associate Director for Program Implementation  NIST 
Dr. Christopher Rose Professor  Rutgers University, WINLAB 
Mr. Ted Senator VP/Techical Fellow  SAIC 
Dr. David Skillicorn Professor  Queen's University 
Dr. Richard Sojda Wildlife Biologist  USDI - Geological Survey 
Dr. Malcolm Sparrow Professor  Harvard University 
Dr. Salvatore Stolfo Professor  Columbia University 
Dr. William Streilein Staff Member  MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
Mr. Gerald Willard Technical Director  NTOC Office of Analysis