Title Date
HCSS 2022 Program Committee
HCSS 2021 Program Committee
HCSS 2024 Program Committee
2011 HCSS CfP
2013 HCSS CfP
AMETHYST (AutoMated THeorY SubsTitution): Formal language generation that is explainable, explorable, and extensible by humans
Analyzing and Securing Software via Robust and Generalizable Learning
C3E Challenge Problems
Fine-tuning and Prompting LLMs for Proof Synthesis and Repair
Leveraging LLMs in Assuring Next Generation Safety and Security Critical Systems
Pretraining for Proof Repair with Infrastructure for Supervised Models
Trustworthy Foundation Models via Integrating Context
Using Large Language Models and s(CASP) to build trustworthy AI systems
Neuroergonomics of Cursor Control Devices in Spacecraft Cockpits for Spaceflight Participants
Ok, Google, Are There any Vulnerabilities in my Project?
Toward Binary Diversification
C3E 2023 Challenge Problems
HoTSoS 2024 Presenter Guidance
NSA 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review
HCSS 2024 Travel Reimbursement Worksheet
HCSS 2024 Poster Template Dark - Landscape
HCSS 2024 Poster Template Light - Landscape
HCSS 2024 Poster Template Light - Portrait
HCSS 2024 Poster Template Dark - Portrait
HoTSoS 2024 Virtual Venue