C3E 2016


The overarching theme for C3E 2016 activities was "Understanding Consequences". Discussions centered on the lingering challenges associated with our inability to understand collateral effects and collateral damage in cyberspace, which typically limit our options.

This theme leveraged a number of recent studies as well as C3E 2013's emphasis on creating awareness of different courses of action in cyberspace. We used an integrated set of tracks and a Challenge Problem to address this topic, starting with a one-day event held on 11 May in Washington DC and continuing through the fall 2016 event held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 17-19, 2016.

Understanding Cyber Dependence:

- Validating known and discovering unknown interdependencies: what analytic methods or tools inform us of our interdependencies, and at what confidence levels? What new approaches can inform our thinking about this? What capabilities are needed to delineate the degree of dependence that is acceptable?

Improving Risk Models and Analytic Frameworks:

- Assuming that we cannot identify all interdependencies, how can we apply an improved understanding of the analytic context associated with resilience?  What analytic framerworks and risk models allow us to maximize courses of action in support of resilience? How can we provide insights about risk of action or inaction to decision-makers? What tools are available/needed that can help us to tailor investments so that risk can be more easily managed?

Challenge Problem: Understanding Consequences

-- Once again this year, in light of the value of previous C3E Challenge Problems, we are introduced another challenge problem for modeling consequences of ransomware on critical infrastructure. Ransomware is a high-profile challenge that relates to both of the C3E tracks and the broader challenges of cyber security.

In preparation for the fall C3E 2016 Workshop, a one day event was held on 11 May at the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine's Keck Center in Washington, DC. Overall attendance to the May event was constrained in order to focus on specific C3E areas in a time-limited setting. The program agenda and speaker bios for the one-day event can be found here

We thank you for your continued contributions in our efforts to advance the strategic defense of our nation's cyber infrastructure!

C3E Team

Conference Sponsor - Brad Martin

Technical Lead - Lonnie Carey

Conference Co-Chairs
 - Kevin O'Connell
 - Dan Wolf

Conference Organizer - Katie Dey

The workshop is sponsored by SCORE.